Tips For Surviving A Bad Hair day

bad hair

It is certainly a trend to have that messy un-kept looked to your hair.  It takes a lot more work than this!

Although this does make life easier for us its true to say even messy can be hard work.

The key is how to get that neat un-kept look and here are my best ideas of how to disguise your bad hair days;



No 1 Plaits

They look like they are hard to do but infact are very easy.  Spray the root with dry shampoo to remove any excess oil.  They do not have to be perfect, the messier the better.

Take sections of hair and twist into the plait to disguise any strands of hair that will not plait.  All you need are hair grips, dry shampoo, back comb and small hair bands.



No 2 Hats

Now that its summer whether your hair is up or down a simple hat will hit your dirty locks.



No 3 Wraps

Hide that third-day-hair by tucking it into a low French twist or pony and wrapping a pretty silk scarf on top.



No 4 Top Knot

A bun was basically made for dirty hair. A bun is the best and easiest way to get your hair out of your face and to make it look polished even when it’s greasy.

No 5 The Pony

A sleek ponytail with clean hair looks amazing, but a messy ponytail with dirty hair looks just as good. This is a great option if your hair is feeling a little greasy and you want it out of your face. Spray it with some dry shampoo to get it even more volume.


No 6 Beach Waves

For sexy ‘just walked off the beach hair, use salt spray (you can make this yourself by using several tablespoons of sea-salt and water).  Just dampen your hair, spray with your salt spray, scrunch, then let it air dry.  The mistake a lot of people make with beach waves is trying to achieve the look with clean hair. You might get it, but it will require a whole lot of effort and product. Dirty hair makes better beach waves, especially if your hair has a natural wave or curl to it.


No 7 The Quiff

Dirty hair is perfect for holding its shape and you can use this style on short or longer hair.  Just use your dry shampoo to absorb oils and add a bit of volume.  Use a small amount of product to pump up the volume then style and push hair into shape.  For longer hair, you may need to do a little back-combing then secure with a clip or comb at the back.


Top tips for dirty hair:

  • Don’t brush it! Brushing only distributes the oil through your hair making it look greasy and stringy!  Wait until you have sprayed in some hair powder/dry shampoo before brushing.
  • Dry shampoo is a girls best friend – it helps absorb some of the oil and bulks up the hair so you can style it more easily!
  • Dirty hair holds curl better, so you can heat style your hair using your roll-brush, heat rollers or curling tongs to get some body and curl into your hair.


Sarah xx


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