Makeup Artist Secrets Unveiled

Lesson Number 1 :


Here are the eight basic brushes you need:

1. Foundation brush
2. Concealer brush
3. Fluffy powder brush
4. Blush brush
5. Small blending brush
6. Flat eye shadow brush
7. Precision angle brush
8. Lip brush

By improving the quality of your brushes and using richer pigmented products, the application would immediately be better, even without improving your technique. So if you really want to apply your makeup like a pro ; Do what the professionals do: Use the proper brushes for application.

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Lesson Number Two:


Primers do for your skin what lingerie does for your figure - they smooth, flatter, conceal and hold things in place, so that everything you put on top of them looks immediately better. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, mattify, minimise the appearance of pores or even out skin tone, primers do this whilst creating a velvety base for make-up and helping it to stay put for longer.


Lesson Number Three:


Rather than use a heavy base or layer your foundation on use a concealer.  Apply a small abount on the area required to cover and triangle under the eyes to give a bright eyed look.


Lesson Number Four:


Learn how to contour properly so you can alter your face shape and features, Contouring is the art of highlighting and shading. Anything that is lighter than the skin tone will make an area more prominent, anything darker will make that area recede.

Here's how you can easily alter your face:

If you have a round face and want to make it look more oval: Apply a bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin tone in a "3" shape alongside your face: on your temples, the hollow of your cheeks, and your chin.
If you have a prominent forehead: Shade around the outer edge of your forehead along your hairline to minimize the area with bronzer.
If you have a flat or wide nose: Shade alongside your bridge starting from your inner brows. Then highlight right on the center of your nose.
If gravity is taking a toll and your cheeks are sagging: Apply a highlighter just above your cheekbone all the way to your temple. Use a blush directly on the cheekbone, then use a bronzer in the hollow of the cheek, underneath your bone.

And if you really want to make your contouring stand out, use a sparkly highlighter, which will reflect the most light. Then for your bronzer, go for a matte finish, which will absorb light and create a stark contrast.

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arbonne pic with contour


Lesson Number Five:


Just as you can change your face shape you can also change the shape of your eyes too. Whether you have drooping lids, narrow-set eyes, or they're simply too small, you can use your knowledge of light and shadow to change them.

If you want to add definition: Sweep a light bronzer through the crease of the eye, which is halfway between the lashline and the eyebrow. As you age, the eye area loses elasticity, and things aren't as shapely as they used to be.  This technique is great for mature skin, to give the face more definition.  A tip for you blue-eyed girls: An orange toned bronzer in your crease will make your eyes even bluer.

If you have narrow-set eyes: To elongate your eye width, apply a black liner to the outer half of both your upper and lower lashlines, connecting at the outer corner.

If you have drooping, heavy lids: Use what you just learned about highlights and shadows to lift your eye. Apply highlighter above your crease, from the inner to outer lid. Then blend a shadow to the area that you want to push back, which would be the heavy fold. Make sure to blend the edges from the shadow to the highlight.


Lesson Number Six:


When you place opposite colours next to each other they help your eyes stand out.  The above guide is a simple rule of thumb.


Lesson Number Seven:


For everyday normal look, you can use an intensely black kohl pencil on your lower lashline and if you want, you can apply it on your upper lids too than a gel liner, which is great for a smudge-free look.

If you want to get dramatic winged eyes or cat eyes, then liquid eyeliners are your best bet. To perfect use of liquid eyeliners, you need a steady hand. If you are not fully confident about your flicks then you can try it out with a kohl pencil. To get that perfect flick at the end of your eye, use a business card or something that can go parallel to your eyeshape at the end of your lower eyelid and drag a line continuously in correspondence to your eye shape and connect your line to the upper eyelid and finish it by filling the gap. You are lucky if you get it in your first try and remember only practice can make it perfect.


Lesson Number Eight;


Step 1: Apply foundation to your entire lip, says Napoleon Perdis. Not only does this help remove the natural pigments of your lips for truer lipstick colors, but it can also help you realize where your liplines actually are.
Step 2: Using a white eyeliner pencil, very softly feather the pencil over the natural contour of the lip. Or use the pencil to make lips fuller or thinner by drawing it past your natural lipline or within it.
Step 3: Redo the line with a lip pencil in the color of your lipstick.
Step 4: Apply lipstick with a lip brush in a downward motion. So, from your cupid's bow to each outer corner, then from your outer corner to the center of your lower lip. This ensures an even application of the product, says Hawker.
Step 5: Apply a light shade of base foundation around the new lip line, blending to a soft edge with a lip brush.


Lesson Number Nine:


Learn to measure your brows so that start and finish in the correct place.  Draw the underline fo the brow first and gently blend out the rest.

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Lesson Number Ten:


If you have ever spritzed your freshly made up face with hairspray you will be familiar with the desire to make your makeup last as long as possible

In reality a fine mist of toner spritzed over the face will do the trick and hold your makeup smudge free all day.


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