Why You Must Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

Did you know that over time your makeup brushes collect a multitude of nasties. Dirt, Old Makeup, Skin oil, Dead skin cells and Bacteria.

All this can be transferred to your skin and other brushes they come into contact with. At best it will cause breakouts and worse case you could find yourself with a skin infection of which eye is the worst.

Psoriasis on a femaleeye

Unfortunately they can be severe

When they are dirty they also do not apply your makeup very well !

So how should you clean your makeup brushes and how often?

You need to clean your makeup brushes weekly.  Or at least once a month.  If you tend to suffer with breakouts then it must be weekly.

I personally would recommend the use of synthetic brushes as they are more hygienic than animal hair and also far more ethical.

Now yo have learnt how to practise good hygiene with your makeup brushes its a good time to start practising

Sarah x



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